Setareh Javaheri ستاره جواهری

ارسال شده: 25 دی 1396 7:35 ب.ظ
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مشاور املاک شما در ونکوور


Investment and Residential Real Estate.

Accredited Buyer Representative. I have built my own real estate business from the ground up and quickly earned a reputation as a real estate professional and the respect of my peers. I have assumed many roles in my accomplished life, a teacher, a translator, a radio personality and a successful business woman who in the end realized that my true calling is indeed real estate. I always have a primary purpose to assist, protect and serve the people who need me. Simply, when you work with me, you can rest easy with the knowledge that your priorities are my priorities. I am patient, persistent, creative and committed to helping you achieve your dreams.

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