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Life and Health Insurance Advisor

My role as a financial services advisor is to provide an excellent service to my clients by presenting them with the most suitable financial security plan in line with their efforts and interests.

Through my education in the field of engineering and through operating my own business, I have accumulated almost 20 years of experience, dealing with unique individuals and diverse businesses. My thoroughness gained through my education and experience allows me to maintain my sales and training abilities at their finest. Up-to-date financial knowledge is the key in providing the best possible service for my clients.


Apart from being involved with the Chamber of Commerce and Advocis, I have performed lectures for various social communities, written articles in different magazines and participated in a number of radio programs. These commitments have helped enhance the range of financial information available to people in my area, which hopefully has translated into making more sound financial decisions. 


As a life and health insurance representative, I provide professional services based on relevant financial security plans for my current and potential clients. I take responsibility in educating people on how to make proper decisions in order to attain their financial needs and the future they have imagined.